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2024 Mar 29

Masui A, Hashimoto R, Matsumura Y, Yamamoto T, Nagao M, Noda T, Takayama K*, Gotoh S*.
Micro-patterned culture of iPSC-derived alveolar and airway cells distinguishes SARS-CoV-2 variants

2024 Mar 29

Ohnishi Y, Masui A, Suezawa T, Mikawa R, Hirai T, Hagiwara M, Gotoh S*.
Screening of factors inducing alveolar type 1 epithelial cells using human pluripotent stem cells

2024 Mar 26

Takeuchi K*, Abo M, Date H, Gotoh S, Kamijo A, Kaneko T, Keicho N, Kodama S, Koinuma G, Kondo M, Masuda S, Mori E, Morimoto K, Nagao M, Nakano N, Nakatani K, Nishida N, Nishikido T, Ohara H, Okinaka Y, Fujieda S.
Practical guide for the diagnosis and management of primary ciliary dyskinesia

2024 Mar 25

Mikawa R, Gotoh S*
Past and Future of Alveolar Organoids for Lung Regenerative Medicine

2024 Feb 5

Shiratsuchi G, Konishi S, Yano T, Yanagihashi Y, Nakayama S, Katsuno T, Kashihara H, Tanaka H, Tsukita K, Suzuki K, Herawati E, Watanabe H, Hirai T, Yagi T, Kondoh G, Gotoh S, Tamura A*, Tsukita S*.
Dual-color live imaging unveils stepwise organization of multiple basal body arrays by cytoskeletons. EMBO Rep. 2024 Feb 5; Online ahead of print.

2023 Dec 8

Niwa R, Sakai K*, Lung MSY, Matsumoto T, Mikawa R, Maehana S, Suzuki M, Yamamoto Y, Maurissen TL, Hirabayashi A, Noda T, Kubo M, Gotoh S*, Woltjen K*.
ACE2 knockout hinders SARS-CoV-2 propagation in iPS cell-derived airway and alveolar epithelial cells. Front Cell Dev Biol, 2023 Dec 8; 11: 1290876.

2023 Nov 24

Yadav S, Fujimoto K, Takenaga T, Takahashi S, Muramoto Y, Mikawa R, Noda T, Gotoh S, Yokokawa R*.
Isogenic iPSC-derived proximal and distal lung-on-chip models: Tissue and virus-specific immune responses in human lungs. bioRxiv. 2023 Nov 24.

2023 Oct 20

Hosokawa M, Mikawa R, Hagiwara A, Okuno Y, Awaya T, Yamamoto Y, Takahashi S, Yamaki H, Osawa M, Setoguchi Y, Saito MK, Abe S, Hirai T, Gotoh S*, Hagiwara M*.
Cryptotanshinone is a candidate therapeutic agent for interstitial lung disease associated with a BRICHOS-domain mutation of SFTPC. iScience, 2023 Oct; 26(10): 107731.

2023 May 19

Li R, Sone N, Gotoh S, Sun X, Hagood JS*.
Contemporary and emerging technologies for research in children's rare and interstitial lung disease. Pediatr Pulmonol. 2023 May 19; Epub ahead of print.

2023 Apr 24

Muramoto Y, Takahashi S, Halfmann PJ, Gotoh S, Noda T*, Kawaoka Y*.
Replicative capacity of SARS-CoV-2 omicron variants BA.5 and BQ.1.1 at elevated temperatures. Lancet Microbe. 2023 Jul;4(7): e486.

2023 Mar 2

Xu Y, Feng G, Yano T, Masuda S, Nagao M, Gotoh S, Ikejiri M, Tanabe M, Takeuchi K.
Characteristic genetic spectrum of primary ciliary dyskinesia in Japanese patients and global ethnic heterogeneity: population-based genomic variation database analysis. J Hum Genet. 2023 Jul; 68(7): 455-461.

2022 Sep 19

Tamai K, Sakai K, Yamaki H, Moriguchi K, Igura K, Maehana S, Suezawa T, Takehara K, Hagiwara M, Hirai T, Gotoh S*.
iPS cell-derived mesenchymal cells that support alveolar organoid development. Cell Rep Methods, 2022 Sep; 2(10): 100314.

2022 Sep 15

Feng G, Xu Y, Saso S, Sasano S, Kondoh S, Itani H, Gotoh S, Nagao M, Ikejiri M, Tanabe M, Takeuchi K*.
A Novel Homozygous Variant in GAS2L2 in Two Sisters with Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia. Intern Med. 2022 Sep 15;61(18):2765-2769.

2022 Jan 1

Masui A, Hirai T, Gotoh S*.
Perspectives of future lung toxicology studies using human pluripotent stem cells. Arch Toxicol, 2022 Jan 1;1-14.

2021 Dec 14

Suezawa T, Kanagaki S, Moriguchi K, Masui A, Nakao K, Toyomoto M, Tamai K, Mikawa R, Hirai T, Murakami K, Hagiwara M, Gotoh S*.
Disease modeling of pulmonary fibrosis using human pluripotent stem cell-derived alveolar organoids. Stem Cell Reports. 2021 Dec 14;16(12):2973-2987.

2021 Nov 4

Suezawa T, Kanagaki S, Korogi Y, Nakao K, Hirai T, Murakami K, Hagiwara M, Gotoh S*.
Modeling of lung phenotype of Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome type I using patient-specific iPSCs. Respir Res. 2021 Nov 4;22(1):284.

2021 Oct 25

Kogo M, Matsumoto H*, Tanabe N, Chen-Yoshikawa TF, Nakajima N, Yoshizawa A, Oguma T, Sato S, Nomura N, Morimoto C, Sunadome H, Gotoh S, Ohsumi A, Date H, Hirai T.
The importance of central airway dilatation in patients with bronchiolitis obliterans. ERJ Open Res. 2021 Oct 25; 7(4):00123-2021.

2021 Sep 1

Ikeo S, Yamamoto Y, Ikeda K, Sone N, Korogi Y, Tomiyama L, Matsumoto H, Hirai T, Hagiwara M, Gotoh S*.
Core-shell hydrogel microfiber-expanded pluripotent stem cell-derived lung progenitors applicable to lung reconstruction in vivo. Biomaterials, 2021 Sep; 276:121031.

2021 Aug 26

Chiyonobu K, Xu Y, Feng G, Saso S, Ogawa S, Ikejiri M, Abo M, Kondo, M, Gotoh S, Kubo H, Koa H, Nagao M, Fujisawa T, Nakatani K, Takeuchi K*.
Analysis of the clinical features of Japanese patients with primary ciliary dyskinesia. Auris Nasus Larynx, 2021; S0385-8146(21)00224-8.

2021 Jul 7

Sone N, Konishi S, Igura K, Tamai K, Ikeo S, Korogi Y, Kanagaki S, Namba T, Yamamoto Y, Xu Y, Takeuchi K, Adachi Y, Chen-Yoshikawa TF, Date H, Hagiwara M, Tsukita S, Hirai T, Torisawa Y, Gotoh S*.
Multicellular modeling of ciliopathy by combining iPS cells and microfluidic airway-on-a-chip technology. Sci Transl Med. 2021 Jul 7; 13(601): abb1298.

2021 Apr 1

Kanagaki S, Suezawa T, Moriguchi K, Nakao K, Toyomoto M, Murakami K, Hagiwara M, Gotoh S*.
Hydroxypropyl cyclodextrin improves amiodarone-induced aberrant lipid homeostasis of alveolar cells. Am J Resp Cell Mol, 2021; 64(4): 504-514.

2021 Mar 31

Xu Y, Ogawa S, Adachi Y, Sone N, Gotoh S, Ikejiri M, Nakatani K, Takeuchi K*.
A pediatric case of primary ciliary dyskinesia caused by novel copy number variation in PIH1D3. Auris Nasus Larynx, 2021; S0385-8146(21)00087-0.

2021 Jan 15

Takeuchi K*, Xu Y, Ogawa S, Ikejiri M, Nakatani K, Gotoh S, Usui S, Masuda S, Nagao M, Fujisawa T.
A pediatric case of productive cough caused by novel variants in DNAH9. Hum Genome Var, 2021; 8(1):3.

2021 Jan 12

Yin X, Riva L, Pu Y, Martin-Sancho L, Kanamune J, Yamamoto Y, Sakai K, Gotoh S, Miorin L, De Jesus PD, Yang CC, Herbert KM, Yoh S, Hultquist JF, Garcia-Sastre A, Chanda SK*.
MDA5 governs the innate immune response to SARS-CoV-2 in lung epithelial cells. Cell Rep, 2021; 34: 108628.

2020 Nov 26

Kanagaki S, Ikeo S, Suezawa T, Yamamoto Y, Seki M, Hirai T, Hagiwara M, Suzuki Y, Gotoh S*.
Directed induction of alveolar type I cells derived from pluripotent stem cells via Wnt signaling inhibition. Stem Cells, 2020, 39(2)156-169.

2020 Mar 17

Yamamoto Y, Korogi Y, Hirai T, Gotoh S*.
A method of generating alveolar organoids using human pluripotent stem cells. Methods Cell Biol. 2020; 159:115-141.

2020 Jan 20

Takeuchi K*, Xu Y, Kitano M, Chiyonobu K, Abo M, Ikegami K, Ogawa S, Ikejiri M, Kondo M, Gotoh S, Nagao M, Fujisawa T, Nakatani K.
Copy number variation in DRC1 is the major cause of primary ciliary dyskinesia in the Japanese population. Mol Genet Genomic Med, 2020; e1137.

2019 Aug 9

Konishi S, Yano T, Tanaka H, Mizuno T, Kanoh H, Tsukita K, Namba T, Tamura A, Yonemura S, Gotoh S, Matsumoto H, Hirai T, Tsukita S*.
Vinculin is critical for the robustness of the epithelial cell sheet paracellular barrier for ions. Life Sci Alliance, 2019; 2(4): e201900414.

2019 Feb 26

Okuyama H, Ohnishi H, Nakamura R, Yamashita M*, Kishimoto Y, Tateya I, Suehiro A, Gotoh S, Takezawa T, Nakamura T, Omori K.
Transplantation of multiciliated airway cells derived from human iPS cells using an artificial tracheal patch into rat trachea. J Tissue Eng Regen Med. 2019; 13(6):1019-1030.

2019 Feb 14

Korogi Y, Gotoh S*, Ikeo S, Yamamoto Y, Sone N, Tamai K, Konishi S, Nagasaki T, Matsumoto H, Ito I, Chen-Yoshikawa TF, Date H, Hagiwara M, Asaka I, Hotta A, Mishima M, Hirai T.
In vitro disease modeling of Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome type 2 using human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived alveolar organoids. Stem Cell Reports, 2019; 12: 431-440. (Selected for Journal Cover).

2017 Oct 2

Yamamoto Y, Gotoh S*, Korogi Y, Seki M, Konishi S, Ikeo S, Sone N, Nagasaki T, Matsumoto H, Muro S, Ito I, Hirai T, Kohno T, Suzuki Y, Mishima M.
Long-term expansion of alveolar stem cells derived from human iPS cells in organoids. Nat Methods, 2017; 14:1097-1106.

2016 Jan 12

Konishi S, Gotoh S*, Tateishi K, Yamamoto Y, Korogi Y, Nagasaki T, Matsumoto H, Muro S, Hirai T, Ito I, Tsukita S, Mishima M.
Directed induction of functional multi-ciliated cells in proximal airway epithelial spheroids from human pluripotent stem cells. Stem Cell Reports, 2016; 6: 18-25.

2014 Sep 9

Gotoh S*, Ito I*, Nagasaki T, Yamamoto Y, Konishi S, Korogi Y, Matsumoto H, Muro S, Hirai T, Funato M, Mae S, Toyoda T, Sato-Otsubo A, Ogawa S, Osafune K, Mishima M.
Generation of alveolar epithelial spheroids via isolated progenitor cells from human pluripotent stem cells. Stem Cell Reports, 2014; 3: 394-403.

2009 Jun 4

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Infection 57 years after plombage. N Engl J Med, 2009; 360:e29.

2008 Jun 1

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Adrenal function in patients with community-acquired pneumonia. Eur Respir J, 2008;31:1268–1273.

2003 May 12

Nitta T, Hata M, Gotoh S, Seo Y, Sasaki H, Hashimoto N, Furuse M, Tsukita S*.
Size-selective loosening of the blood-brain barrier in claudin-5-deficient mice. J Cell Biol, 2003; 161: 653-60.

2002 Apr 1

Kiuchi-Saishin Y, Gotoh S, Furuse M, Takasuga A, Tano Y, Tsukita S*.
Differential expression pattern of claudins, tight junction membrane proteins, in mouse nephron segments. J Am Soc Nephrol, 2002; 13 : 875-886.

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